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double screw extruding sheeter

double screw extruding sheeter

This new model TAPER TWIN-SCREW SHEETS PREFORMING MACHINE usage for the rubber compound mixing after DISPERSION KNEADER conveying to the hopper of this machine to go extruding and rolling for sheet. This machine not only simply to operate but also upgrading the work efficiency, and may go with the mixer to do the integrated production.

Function as downstream equipment of internal mixer to realize consecutive extrusion and sheeting of rubber compound . it suits for master batch compound mixing especially , with higher production capacity as well .

Good safety performance without operation of two roll mills,Materials are compressed within extruder, and sheeted by roller-head. Few air bubbles, or blisters in rubber compound.Sound self-cleaning is of benefit to change rubber. With compact structure, it is easy to install, maintain, and operate safely. It features high automation, high production efficiency, fine cooling effects, greater compaction ratio, stable film quality, environmental friendliness, etc.

The technology is the leading domestically and advanced globally.



ARRANGE OF SCREW CENTRAL-LINEWith angleParallelWith angleWith angle
DIAMETER OF SCREW MMΦ602×Φ250Φ330Φ743×Φ330Φ936×Φ416
SPEED OF SCREW R/MIN2.0~223.1~312.2~222.2~22
SIZE OF ROLL MMΦ400×800Φ448×1000Φ450×1000Φ508×1070
SPEED OF SHEETING ROLL R/MIN2.5~2.52.55~25.53.2~3.23~30
POWER OF ROLLER ADJUSTING MOTOR   KW4grade p=22grade p=2.42×2.24grade p=22grade p=2.44grade p=22grade p=2.4
DISTANCE BETWEEN GUIDES MM550750600(650、700、750)700(750/800/850)
FEEDING METHODDead weightDead weightDead weightDead weight
SHAPE OF FEEDING TROUGH TrapeziumRectangleTrapeziumTrapezium
DIMENSIONS(L×W×H) MM4570×4320×27204610×3730×32764850×5300×25605460×5800×3400
MATHCHED INTERNAL MIXER MODELF160、GK160F270、BB270、GK250、PN270F270、BB270、GK250、PN270F370、BB370、GK400、PN420



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