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  • hexagonal duplex winding machine

cable compound kneader

cable compound kneader 

This machine is widely used for rubber cable , HFFR material and other cable compound mixing .

rubber kneader mixer/dispersion mixer

chamber plated with chrome or wear-resistant hard metal.Hydraulic/worm tiling unload material

Rubber kneader machine is with pneumatic ram

mixing chamber tilting type: hydraulic or motor drive

gearbox reducer : finished gearbox reducer from qualified and famous brand

rotor : two-wing/blade or four-wing/blade rotor

rotor surface : plated with hard chrome , and polished treatment without any stick for rubber material

rotor shafts ends sealing : good , no leakage

PLC control : Omron brand  or as requested by customer

electrical control cabinet : good sealing

Kneader machine dust collector : available by requirement

Rubber kneader machine model available : 3L,5L,10L,20L,25L,35L,55L,75L,110L,150L,200L



 ITEM MODELX(S)N-3×32X(S)N-5×32X(S)N-10×32X(S)N-20×32X(S)N-25×32X(S)N-35×30X(S)N-55×30X(S)N-75×30X(S)N-110×30X(S)N-150×30X(S)N-200×30
TOTAL VOLUME OF MIXING CHAMBERL81525455575125170250325440
DRIVING MOTOR POWERKW5.5112237375575110185220280
TILTING ANGLE140140140140140140140140140140140
ROTATIONAL SPEED OF THE ROTOR(FRONT/REAR)R/min32/24.532/23.532/2532/2732/2730/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.5
PRESSURE OF COMPRESSED AIRMpa0.5~0.80.6~0.80.5~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.5~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
CAPACITY OF COMPRESSED AIRm³/min≥0.3≥0.5≥0.5≥0.7≥0.7≥0.9≥1.0≥1.0≥1.5≥2.0≥4.0
PRESSURE OF COOLING WATER(RUBBER MIXING)Mpa0.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.4
PRESSURE OF HEATING STEAM  (PLASTICS MIXING)Mpa0.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.8
GROSS WEIGHTt~2~2.1~3.3~4~4.5~6.3~7.1~9.5~14.9~19.5~22.5


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