• rubber banbury mixer

  • rubber kneader

  • double screw extruding sheeter

  • rubber open mill

  • batch off cooler

  • 2 roll calender machine

  • 3 roll calender machine

  • 4 roll calender machine

  • wide-sheet extrustion calender line

  • cold feed rubber extruder

  • pin-barrel cold feed rubber extruder

  • hot feed extruder

  • rubber strainer

  • extruder with twin wrist feeding unit

  • extruder with twin screw feeding unit

  • rotary curing machine

  • rubber vulcanizer press

  • tube curing press

  • 15°-75° steel fabric cutting machine

  • 90° steel fabric cutting machine

  • steel ply longitudinal slitter

  • vertical cutting machine

  • rubber cutting machine

  • radial ply tyre 3D building machine

  • Injection Molding Machine

  • Vacuum Molding Machine

  • one-time automatic mixing line

  • double compound extruding line

  • three compound extruding line

  • 0° belt production line

  • steel ply calender line

  • tread cooling line

  • inner liner production of extruding and calendaring method

  • bead feipping line

  • electro-heating tyre bead winding-up extrusion line

  • hexagonal duplex winding machine

wide-sheet extrusion calender line

wide-sheet extrusion calender line

It is an advanced technology production line especially for making thin thickness rubber sheet with less air bubbles .

It consists of pin extruder machine and 2 roll calender machine , with cooling , winding system .

It suit to make high quality rubber sheet ,printing sheet , tire liner sheet .

This part is to supply material uniformly to calender , it mainly consists of three parts . Its middle part connect firmly with extruder , the opening and closing of extruder top and bottom parts is driven by hydraulic cylinder . Extruder head is made from high quality steel , with smooth working surface . Extruder head include one set dies which can change the outlet sheet width . The dies under requested sheet width , the max.designed pressure for extruder head hydraulic locking is 300bar . Inside extruder head there is pressure sensor , extruder head safety(alarm) system can be adjusted within 260 bar