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Rotary curing machine

Rotary curing machine

It is usually called drum vulcanizing machine,drum vulcanizer, rotary curing machine or roto cure and etc. It is used to continuous vulcanizing for all kinds of rubber sheet,rubber belt and rubber coated fabric.

Structure description :

1The drum rolls are the main parts of machine group, which work for curing of rubber belts; the drive rolls connect with the reducer to transfer the driving so that the machine can run in different speed. The steel belt connect all rolls into one drive chain for cooperative motion; the hydraulic device can provice the tension and pressure; EPC centering device can control the running track of steel belt; the hot oil heating device can control the technology temperature; the let-off device transfers the rubber belt to be cured ;the traction device control the tension before and after curing; the wind-up device works for winding of belt.

2. The rotary curing machine has compact structure, stable control and convenient maintenance, as can completely meet the requirements of rubber belt manufacturers.

3. The rotary curing machine has different structure from platen press, which has specially designed structure to reach continuous production with perfect performance. The curing temperature and pressure are stable. It can produce hundreds of meters and even thousands of meters circle belt. 

4. PLC control for the machine works fully to meet the technology and operation requirements. The line speed, working pressure and tension can be adjusted to meet different rubber belt curing requirements.

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